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Supervisor Specific NEATS Functions

A bit of supervisor how-to help is here. Please scroll down and click when you find a topic that interests you.

How To Approve/Reject/Modify an Employee's Timesheet

Supervisors use NEATS to approve or reject employee timesheets. A Department of Personnel tutorial is available... Open »

How To Approve/Reject/Modify Leave Request(s)

We will use NEATS to request leave. And we will use NEATS to approve or deny leave. Open »

How To Approve/Reject/Modify Overtime Request

Is an employee's OT request OK? Supervisors will use NEATS to approve or reject OT requests. Open »
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Spotlight on Basics

PDF - how to enter a new time sheet

How to enter a Time Sheet
It takes less then 3 minutes to do. This is as simple as it gets for all employees.

Retrieve the time sheet

How to retrieve a saved time sheet.
Sometimes you need to get to the old, or existing/saved time sheet.

Prefill your time sheet

How to prefill your time sheet
It is often easier to copy the time sheet fom previous payperiod into a new one.

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