Validation Help

DETR employees should use only these event codes in NEATS.

Contact DETR-HR for more information on the use of event codes in NEATS.

Standard Codes
NEATS Code DETR Used Description
PADRT yes Paid Added Regular Time
PRT yes Paid Regular Time (most commonly used event code for standard events)
PSD yes Shift Differential (additional pay for shift work)
PSTND yes Stand-by Pay
Leave Codes
UADM yes Administrative Leave
UAL yes Annual Leave (vacation, personal)
UAWOL yes Absent Without Leave
UCIV Yes Civil Leave
UCL yes Catastrophic Leave
UCT yes Comp Time
UFD yes Family Death
UFMAL yes FMLA Annual Leave (FMLA Code required)
UFMFS yes FMLA Family Sick Leave (FMLA Code required)
UFMCT yes FMLA Comp Time (FMLA Code required)
UFMCL yes FMLA Catastrophic Leave (FMLA Code required)
UFMHL yes FMLA Holiday Regular Time
UFMLP yes FMLA Leave Without Pay (FMLA Code required)
UFMSL yes FMLA Sick Leave (FMLA Code required)
UFMWT yes FMLA Medical Workers Comp Travel
UFRLO yes Furlough Leave
UFSL yes Family Sick Leave (spouse, children, etc)
UFWAL yes FMLA Workers' Comp Annual Leave (FMLA Code required)
UFWCL yes FMLA Workers' Comp Catastrophic Leave (FMLA Code required)
UFWCT yes FMLA Workers' Comp Comp Time (FMLA Code required)
UFWLP yes FMLA Workers' Comp Leave Without Pay (FMLA Code required)
UFWSL yes FMLA Workers' Comp Sick Leave (FMLA Code required)
UHRT yes Holiday Regular Time
UHS yes Holiday Sick
ULWOP yes Leave Without Pay
UMIL yes Military Leave
UMLWP yes Military Leave Without Pay (svc)
USL yes Sick Leave (employee sick leave)
UWCAL yes Workers' Comp Annual Leave
UWCCL yes Workers' Comp Catastrophic Leave
UWCCT yes Workers' Comp Comp Time
UWCLP yes Workers' Comp Leave Without Pay
UWCSL yes Workers' Comp Sick Leave
UWCTL yes Workers' Comp Travel Time
Overtime Codes
POT yes Overtime Pay (paid overtime)
PSDOT Yes Shift Differential OT
ACALL yes Callback Comp
AHPP yes Holiday Premium 1/2
PCALL yes Callback Pay
PHPP yes Holiday Premium 1/2
PHPRM yes Paid Holiday Premium
AHPRM yes Accrued Holiday Premium Comp
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