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NEATS Functions for DETR employees

Basic and Intermediate Functions Topics

A bit of how-to help is here. Please scroll down and click when you find a topic that interests you.

How to create a new time sheet

It takes less than 3 minutes to do. This is as simple as it gets for all employees. Open »

How to retrieve a saved time sheet

Bringing back a timesheet you previously saved is easy when you know how. Open »

How to prefill a new time sheet

Want to use an old timesheet as the starting place for your new timesheet? Read on. Open »

How to enter Furlough Leave

Nothing is certain but death and taxes—and, for now, furlough. Learn how to account for furlough in NEATS right here. Open »

How to enter Shift Differential

For the chosen few who work the night-shift and qualify for shift-differential pay, please read this tutorial. Open »

How to enter Sick Leave

Sick time is simple to code in NEATS. Get a dose of this tutorial to see how to do it. Open »

How to enter Annual Leave

Now that you are back from vacation, relax and code your leave time in NEATS. Open »

How to enter StandBy Time

Don't wait to learn, here's a lesson in how to code your standby time. Open »

How to navigate in NEATS

Elementary NEATS navigation for the uninitiated, so to speak. Open »

How to request leave

Just yesterday your spouse again asked if you'd put in leave so you can go on the yearly camping trip with the in-laws. Time to login to NEATS and ask for time off. Open »

How to request overtime

Working a lot of hours? Need to request OT in NEATS? It works like this... Open »

How to choose an event code for a timesheet

Please see the event code help page to learn more about NEATS event codes. Visit Event Codes Page »

How do I know what job-activity to use on my time sheet

See our cross-walk page for starters. If that doesn't do it for you, check-out our cross-walk white paper. Open »

How do I know when to submit my time sheet

Noon on the Monday following the close of the pay period is the deadline. Note: Using NEATS we will only be submitting our timesheets once every two weeks.
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Spotlight on Basics

PDF - how to enter a new time sheet

How to enter a Time Sheet
It takes less then 3 minutes to do. This is as simple as it gets for all employees.

Retrieve the time sheet

How to retrieve a saved time sheet.
Sometimes you need to get to the old, or existing/saved time sheet.

Prefill your time sheet

How to prefill your time sheet
It is often easier to copy the time sheet fom previous payperiod into a new one.

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